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 The Profile Thread

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The Girl
The Girl

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PostSubject: The Profile Thread   Sat Feb 20, 2016 12:15 am

Post a profile for the character you'll be using so everyone else knows what they're like.

Character Name: Crown Princess Thalassa Maera
Gender: Female
Age and Date of Birth: physically 23, chronologically 483 years old. birthday is January 21st

Used Canons: Manga

Appearance: About 5" 9 inches, slender build and rather willowy with a delicate heart shaped face. Instead of human ears, she has medium sized fins. She has a permanent blue tinted skin tone due to the fact she's lived in very cold temperatures all her life. Her eyes are a bright shiny silver color, and she has a second transparent eyelid under her regular eyelids. She has sea foam green long flowing hair that usually trails on the ground behind her, and short puffy bangs that frame her forehead but are slightly messy most of the time. She wears her hair loose, with part of it in a braid that crosses over her forehead and two thin braids that fall from the ends of her forehead braid. When she is in siren form, she has a bright silvery-teal tail with flowing flukes.

Typically wears her senshi uniform more often than not, but for formal occasions or extremely relaxed situations, she will detransform, in which case she tends to wear flowing sheer fabrics, sewn with bright glass beads or pearls. She tends to enjoy particularly shiny jewelry, as long as it is gold colored. She also very much enjoys wearing various types of seashells. She doesn't really like having her feet covered in her human legs, so typically will mold her feet with scales to look like shoes.

She typically will only wear dresses, no pants or skirts and tops, and doesn't mind if they have sleeves/ straps or not. She will wear a variety of styles, but tends to like dresses with cowl necks and empire waists. She also especially likes wearing ribbons where she can, be it in her hair, tied around her arms, wrists, neck or waist. She usually enjoys painting her fingernails which are kept at a slightly long length, after she has discovered fingernail polish, and prefers cool or oceanic colors.

Personality: Thalassa is a princess through and through. She is regal and possesses incredible grace, whether she has a tail or legs. She is well skilled in diplomacy and diffusing hot situations with her cool temper. When she puts her foot down, she is firm and indomitable. However as a person, while she's still cool and calm, she has her playful and rather teasing moments, similar to a dolphin, she'll play little jokes just to get a laugh and show good will towards others.

She is extremely baffled by the folk who don't seem to need water surrounding them to be comfortable, and is usually longing for the water when she's on land, though she isn't exactly in pain on dry surfaces. She does enjoy making friends with many people though, and can spend hours talking about songs and singing, anything musical in nature, so she tends to deviate towards people who relate to music in any shape or form. She is not especially easy to upset, and usually will continue smiling when confronted with abrasiveness or animosity, unless they begin insulting her ability as a ruler and senshi. Then she will be quick to defend herself and prove that person wrong

Her dream is to keep her powers even when she becomes Queen of her planet, and to find a man who can match her in singing talent who loves the water as much as she does. She's worked hard to earn her eternal senshi form, and has overcome many personal pains to push past her limits, as she is a determined sort of person. She enjoys spending her free time exploring the darker depths of any body of water, seeing the different things that live in salt and fresh water, and seeing things she hasn't seen before. As long as she has cooler temperatures, she will be comfortable even if it's on land. Without her amulet, she would only be able to survive in temperatures as high as 73 degrees F, which is considerably warm for her. The lowest temperatures she can survive is -60 degrees F. -38 degrees F is when she actually will feel cold. She is typically immersed in waters that average around 20-30 degrees F.

She dislikes and distrusts heat, and tends to have difficulty at first with people who associate with fire. She also really cringes whenever she sees people fishing with hooks, much preferring if they used the gentler method of using nets or even spear fishing. She considers hooks to be a torture device. Sometimes she can come across as a cold personality, but this is only because she forgets she is not on her planet where they have much different customs and ways of showing emotions.

Any Unique Abilities/Skills: Ability to withstand extreme cold temperatures naturally, able to switch from human legs to a mermaid tail, mind control with singing voice but effect depends on strength of mind of the subject, ability to breath saltwater or freshwater, excellent singing voice. Also has the ability to see in pitch darkness.

Due to being an Amatheian, she can also withstand heavy pressure, at least double what the human capacity is. Part of this is due to their bones which are significantly stronger than a humans, and their muscle structure which is tougher than a humans. Amatheian's have also have an evolutionary trait that has some magical influence in that while their hair remains of a normal texture, it is very difficult for it to tangle or knot though it can still get caught on things. As a result, most Amatheian males and females tend to have longer hair and consider it fashionable.

They also have blood that is a light silver blue color when inside of the veins, but when it comes in contact with oxygen, it turns into a darker shade of blue.

History: Thalassa is the eldest daughter of her parents, the King and Queen of Amatheia, a planet in the Aquarii system. She has younger fraternal siblings, her brother and sister. She had spent her life in the waters, both saltwater and freshwater, that dominated her planet, though around the age of 16 she began learning how to breath air and walk on the scarce land that protruded above the bodies of water on her planet.

When she was 25, she was of age to take the test to see if she was worthy of being declared the Crown Princess. She was given her planets most treasured possession, the Amatheia Crystal, which had the form of a spiral cone seashell. It had belonged to her mother, and had been handed down the maternal side of the royal family. With it, she was to attempt to transform into a senshi. When she called out the transformation phrase that had been used for generations, it didn't work, and she was unable to transform.

On the brink of being deemed unworthy, she pleaded with the crystal to grant her its powers and let her transform, praying to it. As she prayed, and as her mother reached out to take the crystal back, a new phrase came to mind and Thalassa called it out, transforming into Sailor Amatheia. But while her predecessors had worn a short fuku bedecked in pearls and shells, hers was more like a long dress and was accented with ribbons more so than pearls. Her parents and the advisers were confused as to why this happened, but most accepted the turn of events and Thalassa was made Crown Princess of her planet.

She was relieved to have become the senshi and Crown Princess of her planet, but there were some advisers who thought she had used trickery or dark magic in order to use to crystal. They began prompting the people to rebel, or summoned horrible creatures of legend, forcing Thalassa to act as Sailor Amatheia. She was able to quell the issues for a period of time, until the advisers decided to give her the ultimate test of her powers. They began summoning fragments of Chaos to face against the princess, but the advisers were unable to control it and became possessed. Thalassa was at first unable to fight the people she had grown up with, and considered extended family. She tried to plead with them to resist the evil possessing them.

But when they began killing the people and creatures of her planet, Thalassa could not forgive them. She summoned every ounce of belief and self confidence in herself, and struck down the advisers and destroying the Chaos inside them. Some of the advisers had died, but the few that lived were severely damaged, either unable to move or see anymore. They were swiftly locked away. In the process of this, Thalassa was able to achieve the super form of her senshi powers.

Thalassa reached the eternal form of her senshi powers after she left her planet to explore the other planets of her system and those nearby. Seeing all the different ways of life and the new people who belittled her made her question her worth, as a person and a senshi. She was challenged by the senshi of another planet in her system, who declared she was a disgrace to warriors known as senshi, and the senshi tried to take the Amatheia Crystal. But after what she had gone through the keep the crystal, knowing she possessed something her ancestors didn't that the crystal could sense inside of her, she refused to let the crystal go.

She prayed to it once more, asking it to show her the power hidden inside her that made her worthy of being a senshi. With her prayers, she transformed into Eternal Sailor Amatheia, and proved to the challenging senshi just how much she deserved to be a senshi. After this, she was accepted and respected throughout her system as a princess and a senshi, and she gained the confidence to travel further and further outside her system.

Her Family:

Other Noteworthy Facts: Favorite Gem- Aquamarine
Favorite Flower- Water Lily
Favorite Food- Sushi, Chilled Soups
Least Favorite Food- Anything spicy
Habit- Collecting different types of ribbons she likes from wherever she is.
Favorite Color- Ice blue, pale teal

since Thalassa will probably not be transforming during this roleplay, i'll omit her senshi information.^^
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Goblin King
Goblin King

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PostSubject: Re: The Profile Thread   Tue Feb 23, 2016 12:52 am

Name: Orpheus the Goblin King.
Also known as: Tachibana Yuuen, the Orpheus Knight.
Age: ??

Personality: Yuuen, or Orpheus as he's now called, seems to exist in a perpetual state of quiet confusion and contemplation. Opponents seeking to overthrow him mistake that as weakness, only to find someone capable of incredible fierceness when threatened. While he is also capable of gentleness, more often than not, he has to be ruthless. This doesn’t mean he has a harsh temper; in fact, many goblins are actually concerned about how level-headed he can be. If Yuuen does lose his temper, it’s a spectacular show, though not one that lasts long.

He is still very passionate about the arts; the Underground has seen an upswing in theater productions and traveling bards due to his influence. If Yuuen is not attending to the everyday politics of being King, he is working on some composition or another, or off in a private room performing half-remembered routines and songs. One song he remembers clearly has become popular among court members for its dark tone and stark mentions of love and hate.

Yuuen could be considered an ambivert; while he does well in crowds, he is also comfortable with small groups. If a situation does not require him to talk, then he won’t, reinforcing the air of pride and aloofness he’s had to adopt. At worst, this can make him feel very isolated. He would love to have a trusted, constant companion of intelligence, honesty and creativity, but the majority of people who meet his standards are his enemies, which frustrates him no end. At this point, he would even consider an arranged marriage if it meant he could at least trust someone.

History: The story began humbly, when a seven year-old boy saw an off-Broadway production and was so enchanted, he proceeded to sell his soul to performance arts. Singing, composing lyrics and music, dancing and choreography, playing harp, piano and guitar, acting, gymnastics, stunt training; he learned how to do it all. His star rose fast and far, but when he was truly beginning to reach his goals, he was unwittingly and unwillingly recruited to become part of a secret team of soldiers dedicated to eliminating threats aimed at the royal family of his home.

At first he wasn't happy about his new role, as it removed him from the life of an idol, reduced his chances to create and perform. But he slowly accepted it, making friends, building a strong team, even falling in love with a teammate who was a true fan, who saw his soul through his art and actions, and loved him deeply in return because of it. Together, they all served the royal family for years.

Then he lost it all on a mission gone terribly wrong. Their intelligence had failed them; their opponent was simply too strong. Part of their home was nearly felled completely by the resulting cataclysm, and fatalities were staggering. It wasn't his fault, and he did land the killing blow on the monster who caused all the trouble, but he was still broken by grief and guilt. In his despair, he whispered "I wish I could disappear from this world."

With those words, he was taken to the Underground, where he was found in the wilderness by a traveling entertainment troupe. His mind had been fractured by the recent trauma and shift between realities; with effort, he could recall bits and pieces of his life, but very little of it had any context. He could not even remember his name. The best he could come up with was Orpheus. He spent some time with the troupe, working his way up in the ranks and contributing heavily to their often bizarre work before they landed a performance in the Goblin City, right at the gates to the Castle, where the Goblin King Jareth watched from atop the walls.

Orpheus' life changed drastically once the performance was over. Jareth summoned him to the court and offered him a deal: Jareth was forever-old, and ready to live Aboveground permanently. He had attempted to do such before, but it had not gone well. However, having learned from his mistakes, Jareth now knew how to successfully hand off the Labyrinth and all its powers and secrets to a true heir. Recognizing a kindred spirit in Orpheus, he made the offer.

Orpheus accepted. He had no idea why. But over the course of a decade, under the rank of Goblin Prince, he learned everything he needed to know, and quietly ascended the throne of the Underground as Goblin King. From there, he lost track of time completely, drifting through his strange, wondrous, dreamlike life, until at last something changed again thanks to the wish of a certain woman.

Skills: As the Goblin King, Yuuen is overloaded with magic. If he wills it, he can shape it and make it real; the walls of the Labyrinth, the layout of his suite, the style of his hair and the design of his clothing, various objects, even his music. By using crystals, he can scry within the kingdom, or several miles outside it. The illusions he can cast with or without the crystals are unbelievably lifelike. He can even shapeshift into a large black phoenix with feathers tipped by various shades of blue. Perhaps his most dangerous talent is the one to bequeath abilities on others, or take them away.

As himself, Yuuen is an immensely talented actor, singer, dancer, lyricist, composer, instrumentalist, and gymnast. However, those gifts have been regulated to the role of hobbies, as the Underground doesn’t run itself, and there are still those who see the Labyrinth as vulnerable without Jareth.

Appearance: Yuuen is five feet, nine inches tall, lean and toned, with fair skin, long legs, a fine nose and soft lips. His hands are elegant in structure, calloused from playing instruments. His face is kind of pretty; what can be seen of it, anyway. At least half is hidden behind silver hair and purple bangs. His eyes are a clear, bright, piercing red, and he wears a wide, glossy black choker set with a white and silver lyre charm that has a piece of peacock ore embedded in the top. He can no longer remember why he only takes it off to swim or bathe, but he knows it's important to him and is uncomfortable without it.

Yuuen primarily wears elaborate black outfits, but he has been known to add highlights of green, blue, silver, and white. A double-pointed sapphire hangs from a silver hoop in his right ear, and a simple silver band crosses his forehead. Black half-fingered gloves with silver bands around the finger openings hold garrotes of immense length and strength, able to slice through objects, restrain opponents, create a web of wire, and other such things. His voice is a pleasant tenor, and he can sing in a range from lyric tenor to nearly baritone, expertly manipulating his voice to project the appropriate emotions.

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The Profile Thread
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